BIOBIDE-Your R&D in Zebrafish for Preclinical Testing



BIOBIDE is a biotech company that aims to help our customers worldwide developing Tailor Made Solutions to maximize R+D productivity and minimize risks in the Drug Discovery process, integrating zebrafish animal model with innovative tools, adding value to their R+D+i mainly in the preclinical area (toxicology, safety and efficacy).





BIOBIDE is structured around a technology platform with two key components, BIOTECHNOLOGY and AUTOMATION, which are brought together to offer the industry and the scientific community an innovative model for the preclinical testing using the zebrafish as model organism.


Its aim is to reduce the time and the cost required for the drug development process, increasing the compound success rate and decreasing the failures ratio due to adverse side effects, throughout the drug research and development process.


Biotecnology - Zebrafish Transgenics and Mutants


The company is based in Miramon Technology Park, in San Sebastian, where among its modern installations, has a zebrafish fish tank housing upto 150,000 adult zebrafish.






  • Diputacion Foral de Guipuzcoa



  • Gobierno Vasco



  • Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovacion



  • Fondo Social Europeo






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